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Skull Valley School District

Your child’s education helps shape the person he or she will become. The right education can instill confidence, compassion, and a lifelong love of learning.  At Skull Valley School, we offer small classes and one-on-one attention to help every child succeed. We teach all the basic curriculum from English to history, math to science. We also offer art, music, and drama for all students.  Yearly, Skull Valley School District hosts a small school track meet on our campus.

Skull Valley School can offer your child:
  • Small, multi-age classes in spacious classrooms
  • Transportation locally and to/from Prescott
  • Four-day schedule (Monday – Thursday)
  • 25:1 student to counselor ratio (Arizona average is 905:1)
  • Average spending per pupil of more than $17,000 (Arizona average is $7,613)
  • Healthy lunches daily (made from scratch, not processed or prepackaged)
  • Strong support system for students with learning differences or disabilities
No Bullying Policy
At Skull Valley School our students are like family to each other. They support each other and learn to help one another. Bullying has not been an issue for us, but if it does arise, it will not be tolerated. We will contact you immediately if we become aware that your child has been involved in a bullying incident.  Habitual bullying is against the law and will be considered severe misbehavior. School personnel and parents must function as a team in order to give all of our students the educational experience they need, so we encourage parents to contact us with any issue a child might be having here at the school.
Mission Statement
  • S – Skills for life – Focus on individualized rigorous academic plans, emotional support, as well as teaching life skills that will carry the students successfully into the future
  • K – Keep the whole child in mind
  • U – Unique gifts and talents are identified and encouraged in each student
  • N – Nurture caring, trusting, personal relationships with students and their families to foster success in learning
  • K – Kindness, Respect, Responsibility – Building strong character to help shape good people
  • S – Small student to staff ratio helps ensure a safe, comfortable, and productive learning environment